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Joel Black Staff Photo
Dr.  Joel  Black
MS SS/Spanish
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Subjects Taught
Alg I/Alg I Lab, Biology, Dev. Math, Financial Math, Geography, Geometry, PNW, PreCal/COE


PhD Pacific Western 1999, M.A. Recreation 1981, B.S. Psychology 1980.  Alma Mater: BYU and Purdue.  Plus 8 more universities--hey, what can I say?  I like to learn.  I have coursework and independent study in every discipline. 


Travel, teaching, 3 continents, all 50 states.  Business education, gifted ed., outdoor and experiential ed., and every model and subject the public system offers.  I have been a circuit speaker, living in airplanes, and caretaker of a forest, a businessman, owned my own school, and worked for a charity abroad.  I believe that life is for having experiences, and I spend my income on travel, not toys.  I have taught 63 high schol subjects, in every discipline, and am Highly Qualified in all 27 of Washignton State's topic areas.  I love to travel with students to foreign locales.  Let's plan a trip soon. 


Born: California.  Grew up: Utah. Education: Indiana, Moved to WA in 1986.  Father of 9, and grandchild count (9/12/14) is 9.  4 children married, one deceased, 3 in college, and one son still at home.  Into hiking, flowers, gardening, cultures, languages, music, learning, reading and, of course, travel.  Vice: acquiring and reading books.  My library needs to be trimmed.  It is hard to find space for 10,000 books.  Country count is 28 down, 172 to go.  Language count is 2 down, 2998 to go. 

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