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Annual LEA Report Card

To receive a hard copy of this report card, or if you need assistance please contact Cheryl Rhodes at 360-291-3244, ext. 4030.


Parent Involvement Policies

The District Parent Involvement Plan and the Building Parent Involvement Plan are available at the Title I site.



Highly Capable Identification Process Continues

The highly capable student identification process is moving along. So far all students have been administered the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Form 7 screener. In addition, classroom teachers have recommended additional students who were not identified by the screener but are potentially highly capable students.

Guardians of students who were recommended by the screener or a teacher have been notified and asked to give their permission for further testing. This testing will take place in January. According to the law parents, community members, or students may also refer a student (K-12) as a potential highly capable student.

If you feel a student may have been overlooked in the process and should be tested, please contact Kyle MacDonald at the school at 360-291-3244 ext 2080.

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